Build with the GSGroup platform

Integrate, extend and build apps on the top of your existing investment


Platforms to integrate with

GSGroup API is available for all cloud based GSGroup products and for certain version and configuration of the on-premise hosted Handyman installations.



Who is allowed to use it

All GSGroup customers and partners are allowed to use the GSGroup API.

There are two types of access we can provide:

  • Production access
  • Pre release access

Production access

This is the default method for accessing our API. The API users can generate an API KEY for themselve and our support team can pair that key with their existing GSGroup subscription. This pairing process is required to validate the identity of the customer.

Using the production API KEY, you have access to your production system so you are accountable for all data access and modifications within the system.

Pre release access

When we are preparing a new version of the GSGroup API, we allow for selected customers and partners to check their application against the new version of the product and give feedback for us.

If you would like to have prerelease access, please include that in the support ticket when you request access to the production system.

Using the prerelease API KEY, you may get access to your production system to be able to test the performanceso of the system, or to a test system as a backend which may be a copy of your production environment. Handyman customers need to ensure that they can provide a test system to target with the prerelease access.

In all cases the customers are accountable for all data access and modifications within the system.


How to reqest an API key

You need to sign up on our API portal and clicik on the "Sign up" or Register button on the main page and follow the guidelines.


  • Click on the "Products" menu.
  • Choose the "Production" API
  • Click on the "Add Subscription" button



  • Give a name to your subscription, like "ERP integration"
  • Click on the "Confirm" button



  • Locate your subscription on the list based on the name you have given earlier.
  • Click on the "Show" link next to the "Primary key". This key can be embedded in your application.
  • Send the subscription name, your registration email address and the targetted GSGroup subscription to the local GSGroup support, asking for pairing the backend system with your GSGroup subscriptions.